Sunday, April 5


A hang-out or studying coffee shop is usually where I am working. And by working I mean updating my blog, brownsing other foodie's blogs, catching up with my favorite food blogs, doing some research, Facebooking, and Twittering. I checked out most of the coffee places in the area, my usual is Biggby coffee shop. But once in a while, I would stop by at this latest so-called Asian Bakery: Chapelure, in Hannah Plaza.

There, you will find European pastries with an Asian twist; great selections of both European and Asian bakery items. Everything here is made from scratch. The display of the assortments is quite a feast for the eyes. You will fine items like Asian sweet red bean buns, green tea madeleines, tiramisu, almond cookies, mochi, quiches, choux, ganache cakes, sweet potato cake, torts, green tea chiffon cake and many more. By the door, you will also find a counter of breads you can take home. The choices include chestnut bread, blueberry cream bread, and more. And if you look for a deal, some items are 30% off after 7:00 pm.

Suite 10
4750 S. Hagadorn Rd
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 333-7172

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