Saturday, January 2

Swedish Smorgasbord

I went to a holiday party my friend, L, and her husband hosted at their lovely home a few days ago. And it was Swedish food galore! We had the Smorgasbord - a well-known Swedish (and Scandinavian) culinary tradition. I was very excited and couldn't wait for the evening to come.

Table full of Swedish food

Season of joy!

Potato salad, vegetable salad, herrings (two kinds; pickled and in sour cream), pickled beets, pickled cucumbers, cheese, crispy bread (Knackebrod), Limpa bread, butter,
olives, honey mustard, Lingon preserves

Glogg (Swedish mulled wine), and
Lingonberry drink

Warm stewed red cabbage

Beautiful smoked salmon platter

Swedish rye bread (Limpa),
Swedish brown bean (Bruna Bonor)

Bread pudding, and
Rice pudding (Risgrynsgrot)

Except for a couple of dishes, the entire meal was traditional Swedish fare. Smorgasbord is such a work of art, lovingly created and consumed. This Swedish buffet has definitely brought Swedish cuisine international acclaim.

* Thanks L for hosting a great party,
and an opportunity to broaden my dining and culinary experience. *
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