Friday, August 26

Gracie's Place

Another visit to Gracie's Place with my friends last weekend. This newly renovated and expanded restaurant is one of the finest eating establishments in downtown Williamston. A lot of reviews mention that it's a bit pricey, but with the great atmosphere, hip & chic vibe, fine wines, and good food & service - I think it's pretty reasonable.

Full Bar

A chef bar where you can sit and watch the cooking scene.

A brick wall displays artwork by local artists. Beautiful tin ceiling.
Here's a sneak peak into what Gracie's Place offering up these days:

Gracie's Place:
151 South Putnum St
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-1100

Saturday, August 20

Taste of Traditions

Besides great music, at the recent Great Lakes Folk Festival, this annual event also featured an array of delicious traditional and non-traditional food. "Taste of Traditions" food court offered traditional food closely linked to their ethnicity and region. In addition to that, the Grassroots Green Program - which featured an array of ways in which people are choosing the green life - offered "Local and Sustainable" food area. Here are some of the treats available at this year's festival.

Trenton Concession - Philly cheesesteaks and deep fried onions

Anishnabe Meejim - Native American food

Greekland Food - Offering Mediterranean cuisine

Mumbi - Offering Indian cuisine

Chicken fajita and more

Grand Grillin' Capital City Concessions - Offering gourmet chicken, and healthy snacks

Shucks Enterprises - Roasted corn

I loved that roasted corn!

The Purple Carrot Food Truck - A farm to truck mobile dining destination specializing in locally grown fare

I had the Purple Carrot's Tofu Banh Mi Taco, which was wonderful! Great balance of flavors and textures.

Sun Tea with Basil. Amazingly refreshing.

Lansing area very own food truck offering unique, seasonal, and delicious eats.

Thai Food From Lamai's Kitchen - tasty home-cooked Thai food

Zemer's Homemade Rootbeer

Thursday, August 18

Flaky Layers

Crisp on the outside with a flaky and layered soft buttery center
Mont Blanc Danish Pastry
One of my favorites from Chapelure :)

Sunday, August 14

Great Lakes Folk Festival 2011

It was quite a rainy weekend for this year's Great Lake Folk Festival. Though it was showering and sprinkling on and off both Sat. and Sun., festival attendees were still adventurous coming out and having a good time. The unique fusion of arts fair, music festival, county fair, multi-ethnic festival, hands-on activity workshops, and celebration of cultural heritage was held Aug. 12-14, in downtown East Lansing.

I was out there early on Friday evening. The weather couldn't have been any better, it was gorgeous! Tents were set up for vendors, artists, and creators.

M.A.C stage was up and ready for a great performance lineup.

Feufollet warming up before their first performance of the weekend on Friday. Group members share common interests in French language, music, and Louisiana heritage. They have been recognized as one of the best and most accomplished young Cajun bands to emerge in Louisiana in recent years.

Great turnout for Feufollet's performance. The crowd loved them, and so did I!

News 10's reporter, Liam Martin, and camera crew were also there.

It was a beautiful Friday evening to start off the festival. I was enjoying great music, while drinking Michigan beer, and having a nice time with my good friends.

Green Kitchen Stage has always been my favorite spot at this festival. It was a great fun for me to attend those well-put-together sessions by MSU Museum -- including food demos, bee keeping, soap making, canning, fermentation, kitchen cosmetics, and much more. I've learned a lot every year.

Raw food demonstration at Green Kitchen stage, by Kritina Zwick, featured raw recipes including cashew cheese, taco mixture, and raw smoothies. The demo is a part of the Grassroots Green Program featuring an array of ways in which people are choosing the green life in several area throughout the festival grounds.

Green Arts Marketplace featuring creators and vendors of products that reuse and recycle.

Dance Stage

Another performance by Feufollet. They were quite a crowd's favorite!

A performance by Teada, at the M.A.C. stage. Love their Irish tunes!

Chinese Pipa soloist, Gao Hong, performing amazingly beautiful music at City Hall stage.

Once again, a great festival produced by the Michigan Traditional Arts Program at the Michigan State University Museum!

Until next year...

Saturday, August 13

Thursday, August 4

It's a Party!

Last weekend, we celebrated a very special occasion. All of the guests were invited to gather at Jon's lovely home for one reason - to celebrate the birthday of their good friend.

You could tell that the party was very well planned and organized. And I know that it took a lot of time and effort putting into that. Jon's wife and their son did such an amazing job.

Cocktails and appetizers greeting guests upon their arrivals.

Some of the appetizers - Vegetarian egg rolls, edamame, chicken satay with peanut sauce, fresh summer rolls, ginger & garlic shrimps.

After we enjoyed variety of finger foods while catching up with old friends, as well as making new ones, it was then time for dinner.

Maru Sushi & Grill catered dinner for the evening. There's something for everyone: steak, chicken, shrimp, fresh salad, stir-fried mixed vegetables, fried rice, and dumpling. Food was delicious and everyone absolutely enjoyed it.

After dinner, the party was moved to the next venue - where guests enjoyed desserts, drinks, and dancing. Through the night, we were entertained by the beautiful live music performed by Jon and his band mates. The atmosphere of the evening was all about families, friendships, joy, and celebration - I am fortunate to be a part of the moment. It was a wonderful party!

Happy Birthday, Jon!

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