Monday, April 20

Tonight's Dinner: Turbot Fish

Turbot fish has bright white flesh that retains its appearance when cooked. it has mild and delicate flavor. Steam it, or pan-fry it, either way... it works well with this fish.

I usually like to serve whole fish, but Turbot I got from Oriental Mart today was too big to fit in my pan. After cutting it up into 3 pieces, I dredged them in flour, and then pan-fried them until golden brown and crispy outside. Chinese celery, thinly sliced ginger, and green onion finished up the bean sauce, and oyster flavor sauce -- before the fish pieces being mixed in.


  1. That looks fantastic! So you just put the vegetables in the bean sauce and saute? I will try that.

  2. Set the fried fish aside, make the sauce - by saute chopped garlic in little oil until fragant, then add sauce mixture (oyster sauce, yellow bean sauce, cooking wine, sugar, & soy sauce, Then, add Chinese celery, green onion, & ginger. Give a really quick stir, and add fish to mix in the sauce. Done! I don't have recipe for this, always adjust the flavor while cooking. Thanks for visiting and comment :)


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