Sunday, December 27

Christmas Eve

Having been away from my family in Thialnd and living in Michigan for many years, I have celebrated Christmas with a few different groups of friends each year. This year was one of my best Christmas Eve that I got to share with very good friends who're as close as family.

Bodega Norton Reserva Malbac 2006, drinking nicely with our appetizers and entree. We started with olive antipasto, assorted cheeses, and artisan Ciabatta bread.

Rosemary and garlic added great flavor to creamy fluffy mashed potato. Mixed baby green salad with Michigan dried cherry was served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Here's the star of our dinner, Prime Rib Roast with Red-Wine Sauce. My friend, Beth, wonderfully executed this big and beefy cut of meat into a delicious roast. I had such a great time being her sous chef in the kitchen - cooking and drinking :) Ground Porcini mushrooms were rubbed on the roast, and also incorporated into the sauce - which tasted amazing with all the layer and depth of flavors. The dish was so perfect for this special occasion!

Finally, my Apple Crumb Pie finished up our meal. Oh! of course, we had to have vanilla bean ice cream with our pieces of warm pie :) And not to forget coffee. Perfect ending of great time..

I am so lucky I have my loving family, and amazing friends...
I am so grateful for these wonderful people in my life...

Happy Holidays!


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