Saturday, April 10

Balance: Pan-Asian Grille

Our first eat on the road after taking off from East Lansing, heading toward one of our spring break destinations, was at this Pan-Asian Grille, Balance, in Maumee, Ohio. The place is very new, clean, and hip. Foods are served in big to-go boxes which I thought pretty good concept altogether with the restaurant theme.

My Nuts for Pao: with choices of breaded chicken and lomien noodle.
Simply delicious Kung-pao dish with a kick for spicy-food lover like me :)

You create your dish by choosing the sauce, protein (meat, tofu, or shrimp),
and carbs (rices or noodles)

Good classic Chinese food with a twist!

Corner of Ford and Dussel roads, right behind the Crackerbarrel restaurant


Balance: Pan-Asian Grille:
514 the Boulevard
Maumee, OH 43537
(419) 893-9999

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