Saturday, August 20

Taste of Traditions

Besides great music, at the recent Great Lakes Folk Festival, this annual event also featured an array of delicious traditional and non-traditional food. "Taste of Traditions" food court offered traditional food closely linked to their ethnicity and region. In addition to that, the Grassroots Green Program - which featured an array of ways in which people are choosing the green life - offered "Local and Sustainable" food area. Here are some of the treats available at this year's festival.

Trenton Concession - Philly cheesesteaks and deep fried onions

Anishnabe Meejim - Native American food

Greekland Food - Offering Mediterranean cuisine

Mumbi - Offering Indian cuisine

Chicken fajita and more

Grand Grillin' Capital City Concessions - Offering gourmet chicken, and healthy snacks

Shucks Enterprises - Roasted corn

I loved that roasted corn!

The Purple Carrot Food Truck - A farm to truck mobile dining destination specializing in locally grown fare

I had the Purple Carrot's Tofu Banh Mi Taco, which was wonderful! Great balance of flavors and textures.

Sun Tea with Basil. Amazingly refreshing.

Lansing area very own food truck offering unique, seasonal, and delicious eats.

Thai Food From Lamai's Kitchen - tasty home-cooked Thai food

Zemer's Homemade Rootbeer

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