Monday, April 12

New York Luncheonette

Our meal at New York Luncheonette was recommended by the concierge at the W hotel, when we asked for a good place for a classic breakfast. This small diner in midtown serves good food in classic diner atmosphere. The service was great - fast and attentive. The place was very crowded and busy, but we were seated and served without a long wait.

We walked by the restaurant again the next morning, and there it was.., the same scene of people staying in line in the front, and the fully packed tables inside. I believe both New Yorkers and visitors like this charming diner as much as I do.

New York Luncheonette:
135 E 50th St.
(between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10022
(212) 838-0165


  1. I forgot you were heading to New York, it looks sweet there and the food looks awesome. -- Chris, (frequent shopper that continually uses Rachel's expertise)

  2. Hi Chris! We had so much fun! Thanks for your comment :) I've learned so much from you as well! Keep cooking, shall we?


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