Monday, May 31

An Evening in Holland, MI

We spent our weekend in lovely Holland, Michigan, for the boys soccer tournament. It was the best soccer weather ever! I felt like I was on vacation, but even better - with a lot of good friends, well.. actually the whole soccer team! It's my first time in Holland, and I really like it there. I had always heard about their famous Tulip Festival, but never knew there's much more to it there. We all had a GREAT time, and would love to re-visit Holland again soon.

The soccer team and families stayed at the Haworth Inn & Conference Center. We're very happy with our stay I have to say. This charming hotel located right in downtown Holland, central to shopping area and dining spots. Very friendly staffs, clean rooms, and great included buffet breakfast.

Most of us arrived Friday evening, and that's when our good time started. The boys did their own thing - having dinner, walking around, getting ice cream, and kicking some soccer. Us the parents made our first stop at New Holland Brewing Co.

The place was fantastic, and they brew all their beers. (We sat inside at the bar, and actually went back the next day to enjoy the patio seating.)

Then, we walked across the street to have dinner at the Curragh Irish Pub. The experience was great, we all definitely enjoyed our food, and drinks. Here's some of our dishes:

Baked Feta Roasted garlic layered with sliced tomato, sea salt, chives and caramelized feta cheese served in roasted garlic olive oil with grilled rosemary Ciabatta bread.

Toasted Seafood Bruschetta Toasted onion poppy seed Ciabatta blanketed with shrimp and crab marscarpone spread. Topped with tomato bruschetta and Balsamic reduction. Very very good, I love it!

Sea Salt and Herb Rubbed Filet Sea salt and herb rubbed 8oz filet drizzled with a sweet lemon ancho chili butter served with roastedpotato and blanched asparagus. My friend, Lisa, believed it was the best steak ever!

Cottage Pie Chicken, peas, carrots and onions in herb sauce. Topped with mashed potatoes and baked golden brown. Served with seasonal vegetables and soda bread.

After dinner, a few of us took a walk to visit CityFlats Hotel, the first hotel in the Midwest to receive LEED Gold Certification for the Green design and function. A couple of my friends stayed there before and they just couldn't stop raving about it.

It was pretty late so we just took a quick look at the lobby area. The decor was very chic, unique, and whimsical. From what I saw and heard, this hotel is a great example of how well green living can be accomplished! Can't wait to stay there when I go back to Holland next time...


  1. mmmmmm...New Holland...I love Dragon's Milk! I am glad to hear you had a great trip to Holland. I love it there.

  2. I love your posts Rachel! LS


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