Sunday, May 2

Green Street Fair

The Third Annual Green Street Fair returned to the streets of Downtown Plymouth, Michigan on April 30, May 1, and May 2, 2010. Lynne and I took the boys there, on the way to their Saturday's soccer game in Birmingham - we had a nice time.

The event helps educate and inform people of all ages about the benefits of green, organic, and eco-friendly products and services. To promote global interest and personal well-being, the Green Street Fair blends companies, artisans, entertainers, workshops and speakers together in a friendly and family-oriented outdoor environment.

Garden of flowers made of recycled bottle caps by students, staffs, and parent volunteers at Bird Elementary School.

One of the murals created by students, and event attendees at the fair.

Greek food, among many participating food vendors

"Giving Chips Bag a Second Life" - unused and obsoleted Frito-Lay packaging is transformed into stylish, limited collection handbags and other accessories, like chip bowl. Also, their recently-released compostable chip bag for the multigrain SunChips brand.

Natural soap and recycled coffee bean bags

Bags made from juice bags


Consumers who attend the Green Street Fair are encouraged to learn the advantages of taking strides, large or small, towards living a healthier and greener life. I think it has pretty good turn out! The weather was beautiful while we were there, nice and sunny. Though, I can't wait for East Lansing's very own Green event, soon to come during the upcoming 2010 Great Lakes Folk Festival: Grassroots Green! Stay tuned :)

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