Thursday, December 23

Thai Princess

Located in Okemos, Thai Princess is a new eatery in Lansing area. The restaurant offers on their menu a wide variety of Thai dishes, in an elegant but cozy atmosphere and decor. I happened to eat there 3 times in one week, after they had been opened for almost a month. So far, I love everything I tried. Certain dishes even remind me of my mom's cooking, or my favorites in Thailand.

I am so happy to see more options for Thai food lovers to go enjoy great food and nice dining experience. Service was warm and friendly. Big portion of food, at a pretty reasonable price. Here's some of the dishes I had:

Of course, Pad Thai - I have to say it's very close to what you would get in Thailand, and delicious!

Papaya Salad - my favorite dish of all time. They do such a great job that I will probably order it every visit :)

Thai Princess:
1754 Central Park Dr
Okemos, MI 48864
(517) 381-1558

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