Sunday, June 12

The Purple Carrot

Finally, I made it to visit The Purple Carrot Food Truck, and taste their food - after having been following them on Twitter and Facebook since they opened for business. The Purple Carrot is a Farm to Truck mobile dining destination specializing in locally grown fare. They believe the best food comes from their backyard when it is ripe and ready to eat. They promise to prepare everything from scratch to deliver the highest quality food.

Anthony Maiale and girlfriend, Nina Santucci, have brought a different eatery scene to the Lansing area - a mobile restaurant. I've seen and heard so much about the big city's cool food trucks here and there, I am so happy we now have one in town. The Purple Carrot's goal is to serve innovative, creative and fresh cuisine by utilizing the abundance of flavors Michigan has to offer.

Everything on the menu sounds great, wish I could try all of them :) The ingredients are so fresh and full of flavors. The food comes in good portion, with reasonable price. Here are some of what Lynne, Gary, and I had:

Stuffed Chicken Chicken galantine, Michigan cherries, pistachios, Ten Hen's radish top pesto, pea tendrils.

Chicken Bahn Mi Crostini Vietnamese spiced chicken, chicken pate, pickled carrots, daikon, & jalapeno, and fresh cilantro.

Beet MI Ten Hen's beet terrine, Dolce Vita maple goat cheese, puffed quinoa, and Blis maple vinaigrette.

Tofu Bahn Mi Crostini Vietnamese spiced tofu, lentil-walnut pate, pickled carrots, daikon, & jalapeno, and fresh cilantro.

Purple carrot cake pop I always love carrot cake, and this is definitely one of the best carrot cake I've ever had.

It is such a friendly scene where strangers share good food, and friends enjoy each other company. Life is good :)

We absolutely enjoy our meals. The quality and freshness of local ingredients, together with their passion to serve good food to customers really show in their menu and creations.

I can't wait to visit them again!


  1. I love your review! Sounds delicious!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The food looks AMAZING! Can't wait to track them down.

  3. Catherine - Thank you! It's fun to follow them to different locations to get their great food.


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