Tuesday, June 21

This Past Weekend...

... I visited Meridian Township Farmers' Market where I got some beautiful-looking Michigan strawberries. There are also many more fresh, local, and delicious goodies, as well as great food at the market. I think I am going back next Saturday!

... I fell deeply in love with a smoked fish platter consists of variety of smoked fish and mussels from Ann Arbor's most well-known Monahan's Seafood Market. Not only serving an assortment of flavorful appetizers, the elegant platter definitely gives a professional gourmet touch to the dining table.

... I shared with some of my friends a quick and easy appetizer that is always a party pleaser and has so much character. Frozen dumplings - come in different shapes and variety of flavors. Almost everyone knows pot-stickers, but these particular ones, called Shu Mai, are bundle of steamed pork and shrimp mixture wrapped, open-faced, in wonton wrappers. All pre-made dumplings are so handy. Oriental Mart is a local store you can find them in many different brands. And the inexpensive bamboo steamer is so great it serves as a tool to steam and also a bowl to serve those dumplings in. Talking about authentic presentation :)

... I celebrated darling little Patty's first birthday - with Patty and her family. Her turning one brought family members from near and far together for her big day. As a friend of the family, I am so glad to be included in such event full of joy.

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