Tuesday, October 9

Hoophouse Gala 2012

This past Sunday, October 7, Hoophouse Gala served up another great meal to raise scholarship money for agriculture students. It was MSU Student Organic Farm 4th annual harvest dinner benefiting Michigan's future organic farmers. It's the 3rd year my friend, Lynne, and I have attended this wonderful event where over 200 guests dine al fresco in the farm for a great cause.
The evening started off with reception appetizers, by Chef Sarah Kops. A farm tour was also an option. We did that in the past years when the weather was very nice. Unfortunately, this year was a little cold and wet, we pretty much stayed under the tent and enjoyed socializing with other attendees. 
The entertainment for the evening was presented by MSU Jazz Combo. 
Attendees were served a 7-course wine pairing dinner prepared using ingredients from MSU Student Organic Farm, Michigan farms and orchards. 
Pork Belly Tacos
Citrus cabbage slaw, cilantro lime cream, pico de gallo
By Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski and Chef David Brown 
MSU Student Organic Farm Soup
Hearty vegetable soup lovingly prepare with ingredients from the farm, served with rustic bread
By Chef Gerhard Steiner and Chef Thomas Stavischeck 
Fresh Herb Salad
By Chef Brad Curlee and Chef Rob Trufant 
Michigan Yellow Perch
Okemos shrimp stuffing, roasted red pepper sauce, brussel sprouts
By Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski and Chef Kevin Kruz 
Lemon-Basil Sorbet
By Chef Gerhard Steiner 
Optional Vegetarian Entree 
Garlic sausage, pork confit, pork belly, white beans and fresh herbs
By Chef Matthew Wilson and Chef Rajeev Patgaonkar
Pear Poached in Leelanau Peninsula Red Wine
Phyllo crisp, candied pecans, chocolate chips, Michigan dried cherries, and chocolate, cherry sauce
By Chef Michael Clyne and Chef Michael Evans 
Planning committee and Spartan chefs got recognized for their hard work and efforts. 
My company for the evening included:
Conni and Richard Crittenden, Roger Merrifield, Amanda, Vasas,
Laurie and Kevin McMahon, and Lynne Swanson
We were such a great group and had a nice time sharing passion for food and cooking. Conni actually shared her food with me :) I am hoping our shared interest will bring us back to meet again!

Until next time!


  1. This event looks amazing....one of these years I am going to have to go :) I always love your photos of the evening.

  2. Rachel, your photos are beautiful! It was so nice to meet you and sit with you at this year's event. Thank you for the wonderful coverage of this and year's past!

  3. Chef Jen - Thank you! You have to go, maybe you can join Lynne and I next year :)

  4. Amanda - Thank you! This is one of my most favorite food events in town. Hope to see you around :)


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