Sunday, September 27

ArtPrize: World's Largest Art Prize

Thanks to my son's this weekend soccer game, and my friends - Jim & Kath, I had a great opportunity to attend an amazing event, ArtPrize, right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ArtPrize is an international art competition participated by artists from around the world -- for the world's largest prize for art.

According to Amway heir, Rick DeVos - ArtPrize creator, “It’s time to reboot the conversation between artists and the public. ArtPrize will be a celebration of art, design, and innovation that will bring artists and the public together like never before.”
In this competition, the top 10 finalists win a cash prize. The top prize is $250,000. Second and third places receive $100,000 and $50,000. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation is providing prize money. The audience votes to determine who wins the largest art prize in the world.
We only went to one venue among many others around town. By the famous the B.O.B building, there were very crowded with exhibited arts & artists, art enthusiasts, and people from near and far. It was a lively and entertaining experience..!! Hundreds of venues are part of the event, ranging from corporate lobbies and empty buildings to public parks.
Here's some of the arts I visited at the event;

Big Red - Concrete, Cramic, water Sculpture by Pual Flickinger
Moose - Welded steel nails, by Bill Secunda
Car Chase - Multi-media Installation by Thomas Aitken
Monkey Business - by Robert Shangle
The Hermit - Wood Carving Performance, by Mike Moy

"I Too, Have a Dream" - A 65 foot easel holding a 12’x16’ painting comprised of 84 panels, by Gurmej Singh. Artist Singh was dropped off by a helicopter on top of the 65 foot easel. He will stay on the easel for 14 days as part of the project. The plan is on October 6th, Artist Singh will jump from the 65 foot easel to symbolize - he was part of the project, he was part of the dream, and now that he has accomplished his dream successfully he will detach himself with a winner's spirit to move on to see another dream.

Land of Giant - Oil on Masonite by Jon Post
Cloud Form 09.09 - 3-D Installation by Mark Rumsey

What: An international arts competition with nearly $500,000 in prizes awarded to artists whose works receive the most public votes
When: Sept. 23-Oct. 10, 2009
Where: Venues throughout downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, Grand Rapids, MI
Who: All professional and amateur artists from around the world

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  1. We just went to Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago for a cheese making class- I guess we missed the Art Prize but we were able to see the winner in the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Looks like you had fun!


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