Monday, September 28

Dusty's Tap Room

My friends and I had a little celebration this past weekend. There has been much love, support, and determination along the way. I am so grateful for the gift of friendship! Our get together to celebrate the occasion took place at Dusty's Tap Room. This latest addition to Dusty's cellar facility offers an upscale pub-style dining experience that I have fallen in love with.

We went for Avalon's Cab as recommended by my friend, Beth. It was quite nice that we ended up opened another bottle without switching to something else. I find this Napa Valley wine easy to drink - sweet, creamy, and heavy vanilla. A blend of Cabernet Sauvingon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petite Syrah exhibits aromas of raspberry, blackberry, mint, and black cherries.

For appetizers, we had Spicy Feta Dip, and Hummus. They were served with pita chips, and fresh vegetables. I really enjoyed the Spicy Feta Dip - nice texture, very tasty with a balanced kick to it. The pita chips were addictive, I have to say..

Hummus was served in a bell pepper bowl, which was prepped ready to be eaten as well. It was light and refreshing with a hint of citrus. The vegetables were nice, and freshly cut - that you could tell they hadn't been cut and sit there forever. Talking about quality of ingredients there.

Then, some of us ordered salads, and some ordered burgers. I had Spinach Salad - with dried cherries, toasted walnuts, blue cheese crumbles with poppy seed dressing. I chose bacon to add some texture and extra flavor. Is there anything bacon doesn't go with?! All of my friends also enjoyed their burgers.

To me, I think Tap Room is a great place to go have a drink (or two), grab some nice pub food with Dusty's twist, -- and even people watch!

Dusty's Tap Room:
1857 W. Grand River Ave.
Okemos, MI 48864
(517) 853-8840

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