Wednesday, September 2

Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe

Well.., I finally got to downtown DeWitt, and had my first Sweetie-licious Pie experience! Thanks to my friend, Jill, who kept telling me of how I would have loved this award-winning pie pantry where her family has been a big fan! .. I actually had heard all the great things about the place; just that I never made it there. This lovely vintage-style bakery offers variety of delicious pies and baked goods, made from fresh and quality ingredients - no fillers or preservatives are ever added.

All of Sweetie-licious' pies are completely homemade with hand-rolled crusts and at least six-cups of real fruit. How can you not love that? I am such a pie person -- I bake pies, I eat pies, and I definitely love GOOD pies.. All of us each had a slice of Cherry Berry Berry pie. I am not quite sure how to put into words of how I love that slice of heaven.. Look at the photos, it was so gorgeous and brilliant! It was bursting with the tart sweetness balanced against a crumbly crust.

Cherry Berry Berry Pie

Raspberry Custard Cream Pie

The interior of Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe is absolutely charming. The shop has the cutest color combination of pink and green. The decor includes some vintage furnishings and cabinet, as well as adorable collectibles -- giving it a homey feel.

Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe has been recognized as one of the top pie makers in the country. So far, they have won 2009, 2008, and 2007 Crisco National pie Championship 1st place awards. In addition to that, they won $5,000 Best of Show prize on the Food Network's Pie Challenge, in 2009 for Tom’s Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry Pie. In 2008, their Key Lime Raspberry Pie won 1st place on the Food Network Pie Challenge.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet in person with the famous Linda Hundt, owner of Sweetie-licious. Linda is known for her 50s-style dresses and aprons, her pearl necklaces and her pearls of "pie wisdom" including her mantra "Eat Pie, Love Life"! ... However, her sweet and friendly staffs were just wonderful! They made sure of great services and warm welcome for the customers..

Two of Sweetie-licious pies are featured in the September issue of Midwest Living magazine.

It was a very beautiful day -- to visit the town of DeWitt (without soccer event involved), to also get together with my fellow soccer moms and the boys, ... and to have great pies. I will definitely be back!

Thanks for your hospitality, DeWitt families :)

Sweetie-licious Pie Pantry:
108 N. Bridge St.
Dewitt, MI 48820
(517) 669-9300


  1. Oh man..Thats some good looking Pie!!!

  2. So jealous. Those pies look lovely.

  3. If this Bakery Cafe is just next to my house, I don't know what would become of me! I'm always defenseless when it comes to desserts. lol.. can't never say no to them. I would definitely order the Raspberry Custard Cream Pie and enjoy the afternoon with it, or maybe while doing my writings..

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  4. WOw - I'm sorry I missed that trip! We are planning a trip from work to eat pie and look at the artifacts.


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