Sunday, February 28

Friday Morning Coffee

One little thing I look forward to in my day is having a nice cup of coffee,
over a good conversation with my friends.
And I am fortunate to have that almost everyday.
Otherwise, there will then be a good conversation over glasses of wines with them.
Last Friday, K and L made it to join me for a morning coffee.

We went out of our way to this lovely Chapelure,
where we find fine pastries and good coffee.
It's always a feast for my eyes seeing their beautifully decorated
and presented products
-- all made in house and fresh!

One of my most favorites - Raisin Roll

Newly introduced - Green Tea Tiramisu
An Oriental twist to a traditional one, I love it!

4750 South Hagadorn Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 333-7172

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