Sunday, March 14

Great Time at Sansu

Weekend eat at Sansu: where I had a pleasure of dining with a great group of food lovers -- a foodie friend, a talented chef, and a total stranger who shared a passion for food. The food was absolutely amazing, and the experience was priceless. Each dish we had was either picked for, or recommended to us by the owner of Sansu, Rebecca Jeon, and the pastry chef & co-owner of Chapelure, Chef Tae Ahn. What could have been better than that?

Sushi Cake: my favorite item of the night
Layers of all possible goodnesses to make up a delicious combination.

Spicy Crunchy Tuna Salad

Tuna Tataki

We went light on the wines, to go with our sushi dishes.

Sharing a good meal, good company, and good conversation.
A few more dishes we had but not photoed here were Baked Mussels, Avocado Bowl,
and Tuna Tartare. All were very delicious!

Our bartender, Molly, was fantastic! She made our evening such a pleasant one. It was so much fun sitting and eating at the bar, also watching all kind of drinks made. I learned a new drink of POM Cosmo: a lip-licking mix of pearl sake, POM, triple sec, and lime juice. Really nice :)

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