Thursday, March 25

Sunday Dinner

Last weekend, my foodie friends and fellow soccer parents - Jill and Al - hosted a Sunday dinner: Thai style, at their home in Dewitt. I was flattered to be invited to share my love of Thai cooking with them. I had so much fun that I felt like I was on a play date, while we were cooking together. We exchanged cooking tips and tricks; shared food-related stories, and must-visit-eatery info.

The cooking scenes happened outside and in the kitchen. Jill ran back and forth in between, making sure her husband had everything at the grill, and making sure she and I get the other 3 dishes moved along. I love that everyone gather around having conversation, enjoying drinks, and utilizing our five senses with food :)

Jill preping the pineapple bowl. The cubed pineapple meat is used in fried rice. Also goes in the Pineapple Fried Rice are shrimps, and cashew nuts.

In the kitchen with friends who share culinary passion.

Al was the master of the grill. There was unbelievable amount of marinated Kalbi that got cooked up on that grill. I know it's Korean short ribs (with Jill's delicious marinade), but with all the meat lovers there.. we just had to have "the meat"!

Somehow...., I felt a little sorry for the neighbors, the smell of those Kalbi was just amazing!

"Tom Kha"
Thai Coconut Galanga Soup, with Mushroom and Tofu

Chicken Panang Curry with Lime Leaves and Thai Basils

I hope everyone had a nice time as much as I did!

Until next time...

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