Tuesday, May 11

Sunday Dinner

I love getting together with friends for great meals, and it's even better when we cook together. It was a Mother's Day, and also a good day that we could finally make it to get together. (Well.. almost. We missed a few. So, there is "next time" coming up.) The main dishes were a variety of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai. There were quite a few of appetizers and desserts as well. Each of us all cooked up what we'd like to share with others. Then, we enjoyed the meal, and shared recipes, technique, thoughts, and secret ingredients. It's quite passionate... Here's some of the dish we had:

Homemade crackers and cheese appetizer (by Kazuko)

DIY/roll-your-own sushi appetizer (by Kazuko)

Vegetable tempura (by Kazuko)

Korean-style BBQ short ribs, or Kalbi (by Chef Tae)

Stir-fried chive flowers with tofu (by David)

Thai chicken curry (by me)

Pineapple cheesecake (by Parker)

Thai sweet sticky rice with mangoes (by me)

There were others dishes and items that I didn't get to take photograph of. Just pretty busy appreciating this great dinner! So much food that we could enjoy the leftover for a couple more meals. Great time!

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