Wednesday, May 26

Wednesdays at the Gisholts'

The invitation says, "For those of you who will be joining us for the first time, our dinners are simply an opportunity to get to meet new people, or to see friends and to enjoy a good meal in good company. Anyone and everyone is invited - co-workers, children, friends, significant others (or even just "others.")."

And that's how I met the Gisholts for the first time! I joined my friend, Kathy, along with our boys to this dinner, hosted by Nicolas and his wife, Susan -- at there lovely home. I met new people, made new friends, had a delicious meal, and enjoyed a great conversation!

Guests brought a dish to share, while the Gisholts prepared quite a few items for the dinner party. In the meantime, their invites also mention, "We know that sometimes our busy lives just don't allow us time to get to the store, so don't feel pressure to bring anything other than your sparkling personality!" .... How thoughtful of them!

I learned from an article in food section of the Boston Globe from years ago, about this dinner party's tradition, and more about "Nico". His story for the the first-timer of how he started having strangers to his house for dinner regularly begins with how he thinks it's important to pause in the workweek, gather friends - old and new - and share a meal.

(Susan and Nicolas)
".... Thirty years ago, my godfather moved from Mexico City to Paris. He knew many painters, musicians, writers, intellectuals, and starving artists. My godfather had a little more money than his friends and promised that for one night a week, they would eat well. Each Wednesdays night he cooked lavish meals for anyone who came to his home ...." Nico mentioned in the article. He and his beautiful family have continued the tradition, when they moved to Michigan years ago.

I am so glad I finally got to meet the Gisholts,
and it's wonderful to meet everyone!


  1. Can I go with you the next time? :)

  2. I met the Gisholts when I took my first class at Le Chat Gourmet in Eaton Rapids. I had wanted to go to a dinner after that and lost their contact information. Thank you for posting this and reminding me!

  3. Jill & Amy: I will keep you posted of the next dinner. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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