Sunday, August 8

Dinner and Jazz

It's JazzFest weekend in Old Town Lansing. I got together with my friends, Lynne and Beth, having dinner, catching up, and enjoying the magic of Jazz. It's Lansing JazzFest's 16th year. This two-day FREE music festival brings national, regional, and local acts to an audience of roughly 15,000 people from across Michigan and nearby states.

We had a light dinner, Beth cooked up a nice pot of Zarzuela -- a Catalan stew-like seafood soup with fish and crustaceans, that resembles the French bouillabaisse and the Italian cioppino. The soup is light and delicious. we had ciabatta bread to go with the dish, along with olive antipasto.

And we really enjoyed Beth's roasted beet salad, with crumbled gorgonzola cheese, and pecans.

After dinner, we headed out for some Jazz music. It was a beautiful night in Lansing Old Town.

At the end of the night, we made a visit to our favorite Mama Bear's Cafe, for latte and sweet treats. So glad they're opened late for JazzFest goers.

Eclair, mini pacan tart, and keylime pie

Brownie and 7-layer bar


  1. The photos turned out fantastic, Rachel! I think next time I would definitely make the trip to the seafood market instead of using the seafood mix I used in the Zarzuela.

  2. Does anyone know where to get good seafood in Lansing? Meijers is so unreliable and Mitchell's way too expensive. Any suggestions?

  3. Boston - Check out Oriental Mart in East Lansing (2800 E Grand River, across the street from Hobby Lobby). Besides frozen selection, they have fresh seafood from Thur. - Sun.: live blue crabs, tilapia, red snapper, bass, mackeral, blue runner, head-on shrimp, clams, snails.. each week is different - depends on suppliers. Call (517) 337-2519 to find out what they have for the week.


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