Friday, August 13

The Pertfect Pie

Another nice evening with friends, and their families.
Great food and good company.

Dinner is served.

Caipirinha (Cachaca, sugar and lime)

Vegetable Tempura

Grandma W cooked the best tempura! Tasty, light, and crispy.
Fresh leaves from her garden,
basil, parsley, chrysanthemum, and shiso -- with perfect batter.
Not your regular tempura!

Braised beef cheek, with shiitake mushroom, gobo, carrot, and taro

Spinach, soy sauce mixture, and toasted sesame seeds

Malaysian chicken curry

Granma W's strawberry pie
Fresh, local, and organic strawberries.
With whip cream made from fresh organic milk.

Really really good!

My pie queen :)
Thanks to her delicious cooking, we had such a good time!

French press to go with a piece of pie


The boys :)

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