Tuesday, August 17

Grassroots Green

I spent most of my weekend at Great Lakes Folk Festival 2010 in downtown East Lansing. It was a lot of fun and a rich experience -- music, culture, food, art, and people -- all came together. The new addition to the festival this year was the Grassroots Green program. The program was meant to encourage people to think about sustainability.

The Green Arts Marketplace featured creators and vendors of products that reuse and recycle; such as aluminum can jewelry, T-shirt quilts, furniture, pop tab purses, metal sculpture, food packaging bags, and many more.

The festival also featured a local and sustainable foods area, books and presentations with themes of sustainability and children’s activities that incorporate recycled and natural materials.

Local and Sustainable

Green Kitchen Stage
Featuring food demonstration, canning, fermentation, vegan & raw food, beekeeping, green smoothies from the garden, and more.

Demo: Putting food up through canning


Fermentation Demo - Sauerkraut

Beekeeping Presentation,
by members of the Center of Michigan Beekeepers (COMB)

It was quite fascinating!

Finally, we got the honey.


For more information, please go to MSU Museum web page.

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  1. I loved the Grassroots Green Program at the Great Lakes Folk Festival! Thanks for posting!


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