Saturday, April 23

Miso Marinated Pork

One of my son's all-time favorite meaty dishes is this miso marinated pork. It is the combination of pork, as well as the sweet and salty flavors that makes it so delicious. There are so many different versions of how to make this dish, but I found this super easy recipe I learned from my friend's mother is what we love the most.

- I use bone-in pork shoulder since I love the fatty layers that keep the cooked meat so juicy and flavorful. To make the marinade: put equal part of miso paste, sugar, and soy sauce in a gallon-size ziplock plastic bag. Massage the bag with your hands to mix all the ingredients together. I use 2 TBsp of each, to make the marinade for 2 slices of the pork shown in above photo.
- Then, marinate pork in the mixture overnight, in refrigerator.

To cook: broil in the oven, or cook on the grill -- until done. I make this so often I've never timed, just going by the look of it while cooking.

And for the miso paste, I use either white and red, depend on what I have handy. It is so good with warm rice. So easy but so delicious!

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