Sunday, April 17

Xiao China Grille & Lounge

Last weekend I visited a new eatery in town, Xiao (pronounce "shee-ow") China Grille & Lounge. Located in Lansing Frandor Shopping Center, this American-inspired restaurant features Chinese food with a modern flare.

First walking in, I was very impressed with the overall atmosphere. The beautifully designed interior and the hip ambiance made me feel like I was in one of the big city's dining hotspots.

The entrance from the back parking lot display gorgeous artifacts, complimenting the contemporary concept that is rich in history and style.

Peppercorn Crusted Jumbo Prawns: Jumbo shrimps flash fried and dusted with peppercorn

Mongolian Beef: Wok-tossed beef with yellow onion and scallion in spicy teriyaki sauce

Xiao China Grille & Lounge 3415 East Saginaw Street Lansing, MI 48912

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