Thursday, May 21

BBQ Pork Fried Rice

We had such a beautiful day today! Everyone was outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Husband was working in the yard, and the kids were running around. I didn't plan ahead for dinner menu until I got home from work. Well..., actually, I planned to pick up grocery on the way home, and decide what to cook once I was at the store. But then, I was enjoying my drive so much that I drove pass my stop. Too lazy to turn around, I decided, "I'll figure it out later!".

With the leftover rice from yesterday, pantry supplies, basic vegetables (garlic, onion, and green onion) I handily had, I also found in my freezer a good-sized piece of BBQ pork that I made a couple of weeks ago. So I chopped up the BBQ pork in cubes, and stirred up some fried rice for our dinner. Adding some soy sauce, tomato paste, and eggs, made this dish even more colorful and tasty.. I even added some Sriracha hot sauce for a little kick.

By the time dinner was ready, everyone outside was soaking wet from water fight. I couldn't help but having fun watching and capturing pictures...

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  1. ^^ ข้าวผัดน่าทานมากๆๆค่ะ ทำเก่งจัง..

    เล่นน้ำกันก็น่าสนุกนะคะ อยากเล่นบ้าง แต่ที่นียังไม่ร้อนเลย..อิอิ



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