Monday, May 18

East Lansing Art Festival

This past weekend, the city of East Lansing had kicked off its festival season with the 46th Annual East Lansing Art Festival. The event is held every spring during the weekend before the Memorial Holiday weekend. The weather was nice, a bit cold on Saturday, but turned out even nicer on Sunday.

Hundreds of artist exhibitors from Michigan and across North America brought all kinds of art to East Lansing, the campus of Michigan State University, and filled long line of booths along downtown streets.

Painting, sculpture, ceramics, wood, metal, fabrics, photography, clay, blown glass, and more.

Not only Stage perfomances, but also Street perfomances!

This man sold beatiful Japanese Bonsai trees. He had plenty of starter trees and was very knowledgable of how to take care of the trees.

Food court featured vendors from all kinds of cuisine, -- BD's Mongolian BBQ, India Palace, Lou & Harry's Greek Grill, Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine, Turkey Man, Gumbo & Jazz, and Peking Express.

And did I mention it has always been a dog-friendly event? Great day to bring families, and four-legged friends out to meet everyone and enjoy the great atmosphere there. I had a really good time being around people who enjoyed and appreciated art and music, .. and knowing that Summer is just around the corner!

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