Wednesday, May 6

Robin's Egg Blue

Well, I am not planning on using Robin's egg for any kind of cooking, not to worry.. I just wanted to share this finding. I went to a friend's house today to find her so excited about something very special. She just found out that the Robins have been residing in her property, actually by the wall at the front porch of her house. Apparently, they have built 3 nests, one on each shelf of my friend's 3-tier metal shelf on the wall. The eggs were found in the most completed nest on the very bottom - 4 of them! We were still trying to find out if they didn't like the first, then trying the lower shelf, and finally deciding to settle on the very bottom one. It's just amazing that without any kind of engineering and tools, a bird can make something so symetrical and beautiful...

I had never seen Robin's eggs before. They didn't even look real for me that close! It's definitely one of nature's wonders. The unique color, namely Robin's Egg Blue, was just gorgeous - what a beautiful sight!!

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