Monday, July 20

Coffee & Pastry

I am a little weak when it comes to coffee and pastry. They just amazingly go so well together! Here are some of my favorite pairs, from local coffee shops and restaurants. What about you, do you have your favorite??..

Caramel Marvel & Tiramisu @ Biggby Coffee
(the most delicious cafeinated beverage and the yummiest tiramisu ever!)

Latte & Blueberry Crumb Pie @ GT Pie Company

Latte & Lemon Pound Cake @ Starbuck

Latte & Raisin Pastry @ Chapelure

Latte & Lemon Bar @ GT Pie Company

Latte & Tiramisu @ Chapelure

1 comment:

  1. I love this post! Clearly you appreciate a bit of indulgence... that's so important in life. :)


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