Friday, July 24


Clear, Sweet, with Bubbles White Lambrusco
Lambrusco is from the regions around Modena and Parma in Central Italy. The wine is produced primarily from grapes of the same name and the best examples are described as frothy red and young. However, this particular bottle is a white version of the red -- processed without the skins. This wine is delicious. strong honey sweetness, fig, kiwi, tart apple and a solid kirsch component on the nose. The color is nice and clear, and the bubbles are very fine. To me, this fizzy wine made my list of easy-drinking summer wines.

My friend, Lynne, served this wine with her lovely dinner. Ravioli from Trader Joe's was very delicious, with peppery olive oil and the wonderful flavor of freshly-grated Parmigiano Reggiano - the king of Italian cheeses. Lively jazz music from her husband's collection made a great ambiance.

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