Saturday, July 18

Summer Hobo Dinner

Hobo dinner is so fun, easy, and delicious! A buddy of my son came back from his three-week summer camp, and brought one of his favorite experience back to share with the gang. Each person makes their own individual meal according to their preference of flavors. We used ground beef, bite-size vegetables (potato, onion, carrot, bell pepper, tomato), BBQ sauce, olive oil, and some seasonings.

The recipe of hobo dinner can be modified in many ways, that there are a number of variation you can always find. Just make sure you use a heavy-duty foil wrap, and close the opening tightly -- then you won't be losing your dinner into the fire! And by putting in ground beef with the vegetables in the foil packets, the flavors of the dinner are blended nicely. Once cooked, open carefully (we then added some shredded cheese), and dig in!

The boys had so much fun making their own mix of ingredients!

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