Saturday, July 10

Fumi Japanese Restaurant

Having a nice meal at a cute restaurant called Fumi, in Novi.
With the hand-written menu items on pieces of paper on all over the wall,
and only Japanese customers filled up the place,
I believe we were at the right eatery for an authentic Japanese meal.
Ice cold beer and edamame
Miso soup and mixed green salad with ginger dressing
Seaweed salad

Ten Zaru Zoba
Cold buckwheat noodle served with shoyu, and shrimp tempura

Katsu Ju
Pork cutlet cooked with egg and onion served over a bed of rice


Every thing was very good. We had a nice experience and a great meal!

10 Mile & Novi Road
24271 Novi Road
Novi, MI
(248) 465-7100

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  1. One of the few real Japanese restaurants around. The menu items on pieces of paper and shibui table cloth say "authentic." Nice post & pics.


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