Monday, July 5

Zingerman's Tour de Food

I hope everyone had a good July 4th weekend. There're probably traveling, grilling, viewing parade and firework. I had no plan to travel, until I realized 3-day holiday weekend was too long to just stay put around town. I decided to go to Ann Arbor and visit my favorite Monahan's Seafood Market for a delicious lunch of fried calamari. Then, I got a chance to do what I had wanted to for a long time -- going on a mission Tour de Food to visit all Zingerman's locations within their community of businesses.

We picked up information, map, and passport at the first location of our tour -- Zingerman's Deli. Since we just had lunch at Monahan's, we skipped their famous made-to-order sandwiches (which I had in the past, and they're amazing!). We, however, had fun with variety of tasting of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cheese -- with Zingerman's wonderful staffs.

Then, we walked over to Zingerman's Next Door -- which is literally next door to the Deli. It is home to coffee, tea, chocolate, pastries, cakes, pie, gelato, and togo sandwiches. You can pretty much sample anything, actually they even offer a sample before you ask for one.

They have amazing selection of treats here!

YUMMY strawberry gelato we had!
Freshly made, with traditional Sicilian technique.

Then we drove to the south side to visit Zingerman's Bakehouse,
where their breads and pastries are made traditional way by real artisan bakers.

Everything looks great. We had some samples of really nice pecan pie,
fresh sourdough round, and.. apple wood smoked bacon doughnut.

Also, on site there's Bake!, a hands-on teaching bakery
hosting bread and pastry baking classes.

Located "a scone's throw from a Bakehouse", is Zingerman's Creamery.

This cheese shop features live cheesemaking and their own cheeses and gelatos,
as well as great cheeses from around the world.

Great-looking cheeses

More gelato to enjoy while we're here.

Or take some home.

Our final stop was at Zingerman's Roadhouse.
I've there a few time and always left very happy with their fantastic food and services.
We were served samples of hand-pulled bbq pork,
and pit-smoked braised beef brisket. Very tender and fulled of flavors!

Their mojito looked so gorgeous that everyone in the dining area seemed to
order one after another. We also got our Tour de Food T-shirts for each of us
in finishing our tour.


I have no doubt Zingerman's makes and sells amazing food!
What impresses me beyond that -- is their passionate staffs
who are very well trained, and in love with what they do --
that.. it shows and makes customers feel quite special!



  1. Jill KaltenthalerJuly 6, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    We have always wanted to go on that tour. Can you do it any day? Jill and Heidi K.

  2. Jill & Heidi - I think you can, since it's more like a self-guided tour. But there's live cheesemaking on Sunday at the Creamery.


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