Tuesday, July 20

Saturday Grill Out

Fajita dinner at my friends' house this past weekend.
Al and Jill share with me the passion of cooking and enjoying great food.
Last Saturday was an unplanned get-together that happened to perfectly work out.

Once the marinated chicken and steak cooked to the liking, Al removed them from the grilled, covered with foil, and let them rest for about 10 minutes.

Meat cut across the grain, into strips

Homemade guacamole, caramelized onion & pepper, bean, sour cream,
pico de gallo, cilantro, jalapeno, and flour tortillas.

Fresh fried tortilla chips

The fun part, -- roll them up!

Sweet & refreshing watermelon,
and Cheryl's delicious pasta salad complete the dinner.

After a short break, we had grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Thanks Al & Jill for hosting and cooking up a great dinner.
It was lovely seeing some soccer families, and spending no-soccer time together!

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  1. Awesome photos....I think I know what I want for dinner tonight!


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