Monday, August 9

1st Birthday

It's a party to celebrate Kinley's 1st birthday!

Kinley loves Tinket Bell, so her parents - Carri & Ryan,
had a lovely Tinker Bell party for her.
Cakes are from Pirate and Princess Bakery.

Chocolate, and coconut cupcakes..
They are so cute and delicious.

And Kinley has her very own cake.

She definitely loves the cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Kinley.


  1. Hello Rachel,

    Just visited your own Blog, Khun Theeraya gave me your Blog address and love your cooking! Hope all is going well overe there in the States!

    Best regards, Christophe aka SugarHead

  2. Mr. Christophe - Thank you so much for a visit, and for your kind words! I LOVE your blog! Great photos and information, interesting and fascinating. Hope you enjoy being in Bangkok and at GHEB. I really miss it there.. Rachaneeboon


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