Sunday, June 21

Soccer & Cookout Picnic

It was a great day for lots of soccer games and a cookout we had on Saturday. When your kid(s) participates in a soccer tournament, parents and siblings are pretty much "there" all day - watching the games, waiting for the next game, eating, or hanging out.. My son and his buddies had 3 games altogether, it was a 4x4 shootout, short games. it was pure fun. Hopefully, it was also all fun for our friend, C - the boys' coach - whose wife, son, and daughter were in the tourney. He had in total 8 games to coach, and to support, I salute you, C!

Everyone brought food to share. L and G's Zingerman's bread and brownies were out of the world. Those scrumptious brownies were finished even before the cookout started! Then, D and M magically made the "grill fest" happened by the soccer field sideline :) Once again, D had proved himself a true grill master -- he and his portable grill did a wonderful job feeding all of us. The marinated flank steak was a real treat!

The boys had fun, and parents enjoys one another's company. Thank you, my friends for another great day of the summer, the love of soccer, togetherness, friendship, and delicious food.

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  1. You did a GREAT job of capturing another joyful day in the lives of soccer families! The food and friendship were both awesome as always!


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