Monday, June 1

Sunday Italian Wine Dinner

It all began when my friend, Beth, found another great wine - this time; Italian wine - to share with us wine lover girlfriends. Her invitation couldn't have been any better.. She stated, "how about puttanesca and wine at my house?"

Long story short, the moms, the boys, and Joe, Beth's lots-of-fun (and sweet) husband, we all got together and enjoyed her delicious home-cooked pasta puttanesca. The sauce was loaded with black olives, capers, chili peppers, anchovies, tomatoes, and garlics. With the final touch of chopped parsley, it was served with al dente spaghetti. The dish was a perfect marriage of tangy, spicy, and salty flavors - as well as the garlics' fragrance.

The highlight; the wine.. Falesco Sangiovese 2007 Umbria. ... Now I've learned why she bought them by a case! And I believe I've found my new favorite. This 100% Sangiovese is intense and bright ruby red in color, with aromas of ripe cherry and strawberry. I love the great balance between fruit and acidity, as well as the slightly spicy notes on the finish. Its full-bodied and beautiful texture is a perfect pair with Italian dishes. And I am sure it's great enjoyed alone by the glass!

Our dinner was also served with crusty bread, prosciutto, and roasted garlic. I always love roasted garlic. I mashed it up and ate it plain on bread, it's so sweet, creamy, and delicious! Lynne brought a refreshingly beautiful salad - very lovely with the raspberries - which went so well with pasta. The meal ended with cherry pies, from Grand Traverse Pie Company, together with vanilla ice cream, and nice cups of coffee. Nothing could beat that..

And the end of the evening was even more fun for the boys when Joe started making fire, ... for them to gather around. Great dinner and perfect companies - well.. almost, except that we were missing one girlfriend and her boy. Sounded like a good excuse to plan the next gathering anytime soon!

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  1. Well that looks like a great meal!! I couldn't agree more about a good loaf of crusty bread, salt prosciutto, and roasted garlic. If there was some cheese thrown in there I would be set for life :)


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