Monday, August 3

Hall's Restaurant

I visited this diner in Fort Wayne with my friends and the boys, during one of the soccer weekends. Four out of six of us, including myself, decided to order this Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Onion Buns. We all loved it! The sandwiches were very delightful. There was plenty of pulled pork on the buns, and it was tender and juicy, smothered in flavorful - sweet and tangy - barbecue sauce. The onion buns were very nice and light; a great pairing to the pork.

The restaurant offers classic diner menu items.
And the healthy choice offered: Bran muffin with fresh fruit salad.

Atmosphere in the restaurant

Hall's (Drive-in) Restaurant:
1502 Bluffton Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46809

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