Wednesday, August 5

Tomatoes Apizza

I am not usually a big fan of pizza. There..., I said it! Well, I mean I can eat it if I have to, but it won't just "wow" me like other food would. Recently, I had visited to a couple of pizzarias that made me fall in love with GOOD pizza; Quartino and Bella Bacino's, both in Chicago. And I found that thin crust is my favorite kind of pizza. Fresh ingredients and bold flavor have to be there for me to enjoy my pizza. And now that I was introduced to Tomatoes Apizza -- one of the most renowned pizzarias, 30-minute drive away from home -- I would say this place makes my most favorite pizza!

Our server recommended the large Naples Sampler since it's our first time there. It was pretty big! The pizza was 1/4 Classic (red sauce & mozzarella plus 1 topping: sausage), 1/4 White (mozzarella, fresh tomato, garlic, & basil), 1/4 Green (mozzarella, spinach, & garlic), and 1/4 Fresh Mozzarella (red sauce, Buffalo mozzarella, & basil). The big chunk of sausages were very delicious. My favorite was the white, but the rest of them were also very good!

Excellent pizza! Wood-burning oven pizza -- with thin crust, light sauce, fresh ingredients, and lots of garlic. The crust was just perfect for me: crispy edges, and slightly chewy center.

The place has an atmosphere of a comfortable, small family restaurant. Nothing flashy and quite lack of ambiance. The staffs are attentive and wonderful. They also offer salad, bread, and pasta on the menu. I thought a salad bar is a good choice to go for, everything is nice and fresh as well.

I am not surprised the pizza has been rated tops in metro Detroit, and has even been listed as one of the best in the US in a recent article of GQ magazine. Our server was very friendly and knowledgable of the restaurant and their pizza. He also told us the place had been there for 10 years. There is also another location in the area at SE corner of Middlebelt and 14 mile, with a coal fired oven style. I am looking forward to my next visit for an excellent pizza again soon.

Tomatoes Apizza:
The Original BRICK oven APizza
24369 Halstead Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48332
(248) 888-4888

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