Monday, August 31

Weekend Eat

Stir-fried Spicy Noodle - I am all about one-dish meal when it comes to weekend lunch at home. Carb, protien, and vegetable all in one dish. There is always so much to do, or run around for that I don't get to cook meal for my family as much as I would love to. This stir-fried noodle dish is my all time favorite to make, and I am pretty sure my son LOVE it.

I use Mama brand's Thai instant noodles that comes in a single serving package, with seasoning pouches. Tom Yum Goong (or hot and sour shrimp soup) flavor works best for me, since it is very tasty and goes so well with any kind of meat, and shrimp. For the vegetables, I had cabbage, beansprout, celery, onion -- so I used them.

Noodles were cooked in boiling water, until almost done a couple minutes, then drained and set aside. Then, I stir-fried chicken, vegetables, added noodles and the pouched seasonings, and eggs. After that, seasoning with some sugar, soy sauce, ground pepper, and more chili pepper (I like it pretty spicy!). Another quick, easy, and tasty dish!

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