Tuesday, August 18

Monahan's Seafood Market

It was my second visit to Manahan's Seafood Market in Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor (of all these years living in Michigan.. where had I been?) And I just can't have enough of this place. It's the combination of their GREAT selection of FRESH fish and seafood, staffs' attentive services, friendly people, lively atmosphere, and absolutely DELICIOUS food.

A huge selection of Monahan's daily items displayed in the cases is ranging from variety of fresh fish, oysters, clams, soft shell crabs, sushi-graded fish, smoked fish, as well as appetizer items like Cajun shrimps, smoked mussels, and more. I am always such a big fan of soft shell crab, so I was very happy to see such a beautiful looking ones at the market that day!

As much as I love to eat seafood, and want to make a great dish out of those items, I don't know so much about them. So it was so helpful that the Monahan's owner and staffs are people who have passion for their job, -- and very knowledgeable about their products..!!

Monahan's owner, Mike Monahan, was out picking up some fresh ingredients to prepare dishes for customers -- at the Farmer's Market, right outside Kerrytown Market and Shops. (above picture) I was glad to get to follow him around a little bit, and listen to what he was sharing about Ann Arbor Farmer's Market. When we arrived there on that Saturday, the area had such a wonderful atmosphere. There were so much going on; besides the lunchtime crowd at the restaurants, there were also Farmer's Market and Kerrytown Market shoppers, live music performance, and plenty of happy feeling..

We had a very nice lunch!

For lunch and dinner, Monahan's offers their customers quite a few different ways to have their fish and seafood prepared. They also have variety of delicious sauces to go with their dishes. Their Seafood Chowder is quite popular. I had a taste of it, delicious..!! Others on the menu that we had;

- Great Fish and Chips with their homemade tartar sauce
- My Open-faced Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches made me a very happy person!
- Teriyaki Salmon was very flavorful.
- And Fried Calamari with tasty Peanut Sauce, that we couldn't get enough of.

I just can't wait to go back there..., to visit all the cool stores in Kerrytown Market, to buy some fresh seafood, and definitely to eat at Monahan's again.

Monahan's Seafood Market:
405 N. 5th Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 662-5118


  1. great photos Rachel! Makes me hungry!

  2. You should know, I am insanely jealous right now! Being in land-locked Dallas means that there aren't these kind of amazing fish markets. Everything looks so amazing, and you've captured the experience quite well with your photography!

  3. Monahan's Seafood is a teasure chest of the best the ocean (and fresh water) has to offer. Don't forget the oysters there, they will shuck them and serve them with fresh coctail sauce, and sometimes you can get them in a "poor boy" sandwich for lunch. Mike always some super-tasty selections.


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