Tuesday, June 16

Beef Panang Curry

I made Beef Panang curry for dinner tonight. The dish went so great with steamed rice. As I mentioned in previous post of this Panang Curry, here, you can use just any kind of meat you prefer. Fried tofu makes a wonderful vegetarian version of this curry! And for seafood lover, you will find shrimp in the panang curry sauce is just so divine.. Try making with different variety of meat if you like - to find your favorite, or simply just to be adventurous.


  1. Looks amazing! Just to let you know, the link to the recipe is broken, you may want to fix before I tweet this!

  2. Katerina: Thank you for leaving your comment and informing me of the broken link. That's so thoughtful! I hope I've fixed it :)

  3. Humm, great blog, Thai food is my favorite, I shall return many time in the future.
    I'll be making the recipes that's for sure! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Christelle: Thank you! Glad you visited. I hope you have fun cooking and eating Thai food :)


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